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The idea of water in Fosterburg began in 1965 when concern over surface water entering the well at Fosterburg Elementary School prompted the principal, Clifford E. Tinsley, to call Dr. J. B. Johnson, Superintendent of Alton School District #11. Dr. Johnson encouraged Mr. Tinsley to seek community support. A meeting was called with engineers and interested community leaders to discuss the idea of water. By the summer of 1967, R. A. Nack & Associates, Engineers, Carbondale, Illinois and James Sanders, Attorney, Marion, Illinois had agreed to undertake the project at no cost to the area until grant and loan funds could be obtained.

The original concept was water service in the Fosterburg area, however, as word spread, the areas of Dorsey, Prairietown, Midway, Deerfield and area west of Fosterburg to Humbert Road were included. The District encompassed approximately 94 square miles. Public election was held on November 25, 1967, which resulted in the establishment of the “FOSTERBURG WATER DISTRICT” by a court order on January 2, 1968. The first official meeting of the District was held on February 1, 1968, Clifford Tinsley presiding. The governing body of the District is a seven-person Board of Trustees appointed by the Madison County Board of Commissioners upon recommendations received from the District Board.

Federal assistance was sought to finance the project and after numerous attempts the District was granted a $318,000 Department of Housing and Urban Development grant. Further assistance was sought from the Farmers Home Administration and in September 1973 the Farmers Home Administration issued $1,780,000 in Water Revenue Bonds, payable over a forty-year period at an interest rate of 5%. Fosterburg Water District enter into a 40 year contract with Illinois American Company at Alton for the Districts water supply.

Construction bids were sought and in April 1973 a construction contract was awarded to M & I Construction Company, East St. Louis, Illinois. The District provided service to approximately 560 customers as of January 5, 1975. As of May 31, 1982, the District served 1044 customers and as of June 2006 it had increased to 2626 services installed. In 2017 we have grown to 3,000 customers and growing!

Today, the District covers over 125 square miles of territory containing over 300 miles of various sized water mains and also supplies water the City of Bunker Hill.

Some of the communities served today are:

Village of Godfrey, Fosterburg, Dorsey, Prairietown, Midway, Woodburn.

Engineering services have been performed by Heneghan and Associates since 1986.

The original Board members in 1968 were Clifford Tinsley, Chairman, John Von Bergen, Vice-Chairman, Alvin Stahl, Frederick Aljets, Herbert Kunz, Thomas Harris, and Frank Russell. Other Officers were Clarence Gerdt Treasurer, and Dorothy Cook Secretary