To serve you better, we've assembled a list of our customers' most frequently asked questions.  If you don't find your answer here, feel free to contact us.

How could I have used this much water?

A high-water bill could be an indicator of some other issues within the plumbing from the meter, up to, and within your home.

First question would be, did you have any unusual usage?   This could be relatives visiting or a holiday, or watering your yard, garden, or others.

Second question, are there any new appliances that were recently installed that use water?  Such as: an ice maker, water softener, or whole house humidifier.

The biggest user of water that goes unnoticed is the water closet (toilet).  A simple check is to use food coloring by placing a few drops in the reservoir tank, usually the tank with the lid on it. Add a few drops, enough to change the color of the water, and let the water closet sit for a while unused. If the colored water is noted in the lower bowl, then there are two possibilities that are creating the movement of water. Look to see if the water level in the reservoir is overflowing the tube in the center of the tank. If so replace the shut off valve. If not, then the flapper is bad and should be replaced. It could be that both are faulty as well.

What do I do if I am experiencing low pressure?

Are you experiencing the low pressure at all the water fixtures in your home?

If the answer is NO, then it could be just the faucet that has an issue and nothing more. Could be partially plugged screens on the faucet causing the flow reduction

If the answer is YES, you could have an issue with the main shut off valve, there could be a device that is using water that normally shouldn’t be, such as a water softener going through its regeneration process.

There could be an issue outside, someone using a large volume of water, watering grass, washing car, power washing, filling swimming pool, or others.

If none of these are the issue then there could be a leak from the meter to your home or even a leak within your home.

If you find no issue within your home or out to the meter box, then a call to the office at 618 259-0935. Fosterburg Water will create a work order to investigate a possible leak or movement in the meter box.  If movement is noted and you are not at home at the time the O&M workmen arrive they will leave a letter of notice about the meter movement and quite possibly a leak could be the issue.

If the water meter indicates movement there are two places that usually leak.  One is where the connection was made going into the house at the foundation.  The other is where the service line connection is made at the meter box. A foundation leak is due to the settling of the over dig dirt and will actually sear the water line at the foundation wall.

If your service line is extremely long, then the leak can be more difficult to find. FWD instructs those homeowners to go half the distance and cut in a valve.  Shut the valve off and watch the water meter. If the meter stops, the leak is from the newly installed valve and the house. If the meter continues to show movement, the leak is from the meter to the newly installed valve. Depending on how long of a water line you have you may have to install more than one valve. By repeating the process, you will eliminate the area of where not to dig. Otherwise start digging at the house or meter box and continue to uncover your water line until you find the leak.

Why is my water discolored?

Depending on the weather and the time of year, the water color could be affected.

White water is the result of being super saturated with oxygen and gives a milky appearance, similar to a glass of Alka Selzer. Simply drawing the water and allowing it to sit, it will begin to clear up. There is nothing Fosterburg Water can do to relieve the phenomena. This usually happens twice a year in the fall when the water begins to cool down and in the spring when the water begins to warm up.

Other discolored water could be due to a water leak. This could be either on your service line or due to a main break in the area. In either event, call the office at 618 259-0935 or after hours 618 463-6943 so that the O&M workmen can investigate the issue.

The other aspect for colored water could be that FWD is conducting it's regular annual flushing of it's distribution system. Notice by way of Robo call and/or website Alert Notice will be given before any flushing is completed.

What chemicals does our utility district add to the water?

Fosterburg Water only adds chlorine to the water. This is to ensure an adequate chlorine residual is found throughout our distribution system.

Illinois American Water is the supplier of our water and the chemicals added are a variety to ensure the water quality meets or exceeds Federal and State EPA standard. Only chemicals approved by the EPA are allowed to be used.


My water tastes, looks, and smells funny. Is it safe to drink?

The water quality from time to time will change. This is the nature of surface water and the different types of chemicals used to ensure safe potable water to your faucets.

Fosterburg Water completes an annual flushing of its distribution system to keep the change in water quality to a minimal effect and to ensure high quality water to your homes and businesses.

Why does debris come out of the faucet when running hot water?

Most likely your water heater needs to be flushed. CAUTION: Most manufacturers recommend hiring a professional to flush your water heater. If you plan on doing this yourself, read the owner's manual to keep from being hurt and/or damaging the water heater.

Why do I have a previous balance when I know I sent in my payment?

We may have received it after the due date or we may not have received it at all. Call our office and we will help you solve the problem.